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posted on 08 Feb 2012 23:03 by timesound
I didn't think about that before
and I was pretty sure I can live without that thing
It was , is , had been only just 'a word' for me
Its just about when somebody says:
'I swear I'd never be married in my life'
and finally you see her in the bride dress
standing by her guy
and swearing each other that they will never let the other down or dissappointed 
for the whole life
I might be just a girl in a church 
whispering 'No,its just the whole day' 
watching love in my corner silently
and happy with them
Silently, yes
How can you be sure in those oaths
Turning back home
I was in the dark road
,quite happy on my way
Somebody came and told me about that
you hesitated, you had a fear
How could you explain that?
Like you have a strong faith 
As you wanted to tell that somebody 
Never hope much
'Cuase you could never stop at someone,if they still keep moving on.




"if they keep moving on"


#2 By in the mood for love on 2012-02-19 21:35

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not or sure together



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